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-       Hybrid PVC hull and chambers (1.2mm thickness)

-       Hull underside is thicker at 2mm

-       Aluminium internal folding floor

-       Marine-grade heavy duty plywood transom

-       All seams are split into a 5-layer process that's bonded by an industry-leading thermowelding process, ensuring no possible leaks from the seams or joins.

Yes, fishing (and general adventuring) is the most common usage for Big Duck dinghies. Along with broader tender usage, camping, diving, surfing and much more. The best part about our hulls is the aluminium folding floor system. This is ideal for fishing. The floor gives you the stability to stand up inside the boat and also the rigidity to increase overall performance. 

Many other brands are still producing air decks, which you can not stand on safely, nor are they hard wearing or long-lasting. We do away with the older air deck design and instead, we implement our industry-leading aluminium folding floor system. Our floor adds several benefits, including increased performance thanks to improved rigidity, greater comfort and safety aboard, plus also a longer lasting, more durable primary working surface.   

Furthermore, the benefits of the folding floor mean that you can deflate your hull and pack everything up into the provided carry bag and stow your Big Duck for transport or storage.

The Big Duck range has been designed around longevity and extended performance. We honour and service your 12-month warranty in house, from here in Australia. All Big Duck hulls go through a 3-stage quality control process, leak test and pressure test before arriving to our customers.  

-       Many other brands are still producing air decks, which you can not stand on safely, nor are they hard wearing or long lasting. We do away with the older air deck design and instead, we implement our industry-leading aluminium folding floor system. Our floor adds several benefits, including increased performance thanks to improved rigidity, greater comfort and safety aboard, plus also a longer lasting, more durable primary working surface.    The Big Duck range has been designed around longevity and extended performance. We honour and service your 12-month warranty in house, from here in Australia. All Big Duck hulls go through a 3-stage quality control process, leak test and pressure test before arriving to our customers.  

-       Big Duck’s are made in a dedicated temperature controlled factory in Shenzhen, China. Big Ducks are imported directly by our brand and we honour your 12-month warranty here from within Australia. Big Duck is 100% Australian owned and operated.

-       We focus on the hulls themselves. For combustion outboards, we recommend Mercury, Yamaha, or Suzuki. For electric outboards, we recommend Watersnake.

-       Always opt for a short shaft leg with your outboard motor.

-       Please refer to our specification tables for the maximum recommended motor size on each hull.

Our HQ and showroom is located on the Gold Coast in Arundel. Address: 4/24 Technology Drive, Arundel, 4214, QLD. (Open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm) Closed weekends, plus local and state public holidays).

Our brand does not have any other shops or showrooms that are open to the public I'm sorry. Nor do we offer any dealership or reseller accounts as part of our cost-saving strategies that allow our customers to receive the very best possible value. This is all to do with our price point and why we only offer our products through our online store. 

This is part of how we are able to offer such a competitive price on our products. 

If you're not local to the Gold Coast region, you can view our full range here, including prices and our freight calculator towards the bottom of the page. On each product page, you will find images, full specifications and dozens of verified reviews. For more information about our brand and our materials, please feel free to view our catalogue here

-       Yes, unless your Big Duck is the tender to a larger vessel (mothership), registration is required. We provide every hull with a specification plate and a HIN number also on the transom. To complete registration, you will need to get your hull inspected by a boat code agent once you have powered your hull, (i.e. after installing your motor of choice).

-       Yes, you would need a Recreational Marine Driver License to operate your dinghy if it is powered by an outboard. If you’re only using your dinghy with the provided oars, no license would be required but you cannot attach an outboard motor.

-       Inflation and set up with the provided foot pump takes just 15 minutes. With our electric pump, this takes just 5 minutes or less.

-       Deflation takes just 5-10 minutes.

-       We use Halkey-Roberts Air Valves which have an open and a closed mode. Please ensure that when inflating, you set the centre pin to the closed mode. This way when you remove the pump hose, air will not escape.

-       Then when deflating, set the centre pin to the open mode which will allow air to escape freely.

-       Several years. We have customers from our beginning back in 2015, who regularly report that their Big Duck’s are still going strong. Our materials are designed to be hard wearing and stand up against the hard Aussie sun. Even our primary hull material has been chosen carefully to reduce colour fading.

-       Yes, all Big Duck hulls are suitable for davit installation. The floor boards, nor the transom should not be drilled for hoisting purposes nor should the grab handle on the bow be loaded for anything more than general handling. The best method would be to install davit patches with a PVC base using a PVC specific adhesive onto the hull of the dinghy.  These are common accessories sourced from your local chandlery. Big Duck does not offer these as standard and not every customer requires them, meaning those who don't are still saving the most amount and receive the best value.  Secondly due to their installation location constantly changing depending in individual usage. When you source the davits, they may come including the glue, all you need to do is make sure that it is a PVC-specific adhesive. Then once you have your Big Duck inflated and set up at the transport of your mothership, simply line everything up and then place them into position before allowing the recommended drying time before the first use.  

First step, please deflate all chambers. To do this, simply remove the chamber valve covers and push the valve stem inwards and then rotate. You will feel air escape and once the valve stem is rotated correctly, air will continue escaping once you let go. Also ensure that the keel chamber is deflated by setting its valve to the open mode as well. 

Next, push the floor panels over to one side. 

Next, from the side that now has spare room, remove one floor joiner beam. 

Next, push the floor panels back to the opposite side. Now, remove the last floor joiner beam. 

Next, go to the two panels that are in the middle and lift up at the join. This will de-tension the rest of the floor panels. You can take the rest of them out carefully one by one. Please be careful not to catch any of the valve covers which are hanging by their cords. 

Next, with all chambers now mostly empty of air, go to the transom cones, fold both inwards towards the transom and then start rolling forwards towards the bow. This is the best way to get a tight roll for storage, while also making sure that most of the air has been removed. 

From here, you can put your floor panels and floor joiners inside the carry bag, then lastly the hull itself before zipping the carry bag shut.